You Get Back What You Give Out
By Jumping Jelly Bean
Published on 02/24/2010
I think we need to refocus on the true nature of this site and realize that everything that happens to us in life is exactly what we expect to happen, therefore, we simply need to change our expectations.

If you give out positive energy, you will get positive energy back.

If you think to yourself that you are not good enough, than you will not be good enough. If you think that you will not succeed, than you are certain to fail. If you think you can't find happiness, or peace, than you will not find happiness, or peace. If you think you will be unhealthy, you will surely get sick.

I think the whole idea behind this site was changing your negative energy, into positive energy. I think the point was that by giving out your love to other people, the world will return love to you. If you help other people, other people will reach out to help you. If you think of doing good for other people, other people will think of doing good for you.

I think the reason why religion is so powerful (in a good way), is because whomever you are praying to, you expect to be answered, therefore you will be answered. So it's a matter of expectations.

Say you are praying to make money and you expect your prayers to be answered, you will magically find a way in the world to make money, because that is what you expect to happen.

If you go to a party and think you will not have a good time, surely you will be miserable. If you dread going to work, surely you will not enjoy work.

I think the point of this site was to give us all a platform to help retrain our brains and bodies from doing and thinking negatively, to doing and thinking positively. As a result of doing positive things, both in action and thought, positivity will in turn enter our lives.

I think what makes changing to a positive life so difficult is when we let negative actions and negative people into our lives. Think about it, if someone is being negative around you, you will feed off that negativity and in turn send out negativity. Therefore, advice would be to surround yourself with people and things that elicit positive reaction in your body.

For instance, I watch the news all day long, and the news is mainly negative, combative, and argumentative, therefore I am mainly negative, combative, and argumentative. So imagine if I start listening to classical music and turn off the news. If classical music relaxes me, touches me, moves me, in emotional ways, than I will be relaxed, I will be touched, I will be moved. In return I will give out my new mood to the people around me and they will respond to my new peaceful nature.

I think we're on to something here. I think recognizing this theory, and living this theory, and using this blogging platform as a journal of how we are changing from negativity to positivity, could help change the world we live in. It may not literally change the world we live in, but it certainly could change the world as we perceive it.