By Naomi contentment
Published on 02/21/2010
So silently, in my mind.... I say a prayer...

  Sitting on the bench in the grocery store,

They all walk by.

Moving to and fro,

With thoughts of their lives floating through their minds.


And I continue to watch,

Wondering how their lives are going

Watching the conspicuous distress on their faces

That they try to hide behind their masks


I worry about them all.

So silently, in my mind,

 I make sure to tell each person I can see

That it will all be ok.

No need to worry.


Tears well up

I know I must be silly,

None of them even see me sitting here.


But still, I can see all of them.

And so, I sit there

Continuing my silent reassurances.


When it comes time for me to go,

I say a prayer.

Asking God to keep them all safe

And continue to tell them it will be ok.


As I walk back home,

I already know there is nothing more I can do;

It saddens me.

So, I drift off into my own little world again,

Putting my own mask back on.


However, I wonder,

 Is my mask the same as theirs?

Do they also cover up the worry they feel for others

And force themselves to go about their own lives?

But even if they don’t,

I reassure myself that they’ll be ok.



     I wrote this because many times I watch those around me and I pay great attention to everyone, so I often wonder how their lives are going or if they even care enough about a stranger to say a small prayer for them. Do you even try to really understand why someone is sad, happy, or in need of help? If not then it might be a good time to start thinking of others a bit more. However, the unfortunate side of this is that no matter how much I help I still feel sad because of the fact that there are still so many people out there that need help. I cannot help everyone, but I know that if more people were to know what an impact they could have, then someone that I can’t help would receive that help from someone else. So even if you can’t do much, at least say a little prayer for that stranger that may be in need of some help.