By Work4 Peace 4 ALL
Published on 01/14/2010
See how many hugs you get in one day!!!

I started my new year counting the hugs I get everyday.  I read an article that said that 4 hugs per day was like minimum... however since I have been keeping track I would say that was true.  However, I have noticed that I am the one who initiates the hugs.  My best day so far in Colorado is 16 hugs in one day.  However, when I lived and worked in New York City I got 40 hugs in one day.  That so far is my record.  My friend from Russia tells me she has gotten more hugs since she has arrived in the United States then her whole life in Russia.  She says she only gives me hugs because she knows I like them.  She would be totally fine without them.  I don't understand.  Hugs are very important to me.  Maybe because I was never hugged as a child.  They make me feel like I have made a connection.  I don't know any ideas would be welcome.  Peace be your journey.