To hurt anyone unintentionally
By santhosh kumar
Published on 01/9/2010
Have you hurt anyone unintentionally?

Have you hurt anyone?Well , The answer to this is fairly simple.But have you hurt anyone unintentionally?You never know because it is Unintentional.You might have millions of things on your mind when you forgot to say good morning to your friend.But your friend was expecting to hear a nice little good morning from you.You have HURT your friend by this act of yours ,UNINTENTIONALLY though.You don't have to pay the price for these , as it is pardonable by the GOD.But still you could have avoided hurting your friend by saying a nice little good morning.
                              Before doing something just ask your conscience,whether it is right or wrong.If it says "wrong" , don't do it that way. Practice this and see what GOD has in store for you..