Live and Let Live and Judge No One. . . ever!
By Mary Benedet
Published on 06/16/2009
One’s life style is a matter of perception for others.


Society dictates what life should be, from the thin beautiful model that has wrecked havoc in the lives of young girls today, to the portrayal that life has to be fun, exciting, fireworks everyday. According to society, if you're not living that life you're just not living.

Trying to live with what society says is right, can destroy you. People are seeking counceling, buying sky rocketing amount of self help books every year, not to mention the anxiety prescriptions that are filled by the millions each day. Not being able to attain that wonderful, firecracker life style, makes them feel like they are living dull boring lives.

When you stop worrying about what society, your mother, your brother, your neighbor thinks of you and how you live, the more quality life you will live. Ignore people's judgement of you, they will never go away. As long as the sun shines daily, people will judge, some people live to criticize and judge. Turn a deaf ear, you will be so much better for it.

Me, I tell people all the time, I live a dull life, I get that right out of the way from the start so that they know they don't have to try and sell me on their ways. I know it's not the life others choose, but it's the life I choose. I love my dull life, I personally don't feel my life is dull, but according to society, and the way others strive to live, mine is considered dull.

People that live dull lives, are mostly happy with themselves. If you like yourself, boredom is ok, it's almost welcomed, it gives you time with yourself. When people ask me what I did this weekend, or what I"m doing today, I tell them, "Just Living Life with Peace in my Soul, and Love in my Heart."

What others think of you, their judgements on your life, the words said, have no place in your daily thoughts. Smile, nod your head, and carry on to your dull wonderful life.

I say, Live and Let Live, and Judge No One in this life. . . ever!