Lunch hour
By happy senior
Published on 01/5/2010
Find some one during lunch hour!

Today, go for lunch in a crowded resturant, stand at the door, look around, --remember to smile!!!! If there are  alot of empty seats, be sure to FACE the person you have picked out.
 If there a only a couple empty seats, do NOT set there, but ask the hostess "Will you ask (pick out a person) that person if I may set with him"?
 If their is not a  hostess, go to someone of the other sex, ask"It is so crowded, I hate to take up a booth by myself, may I please set with you", of course, I will pay for my order."
 I do not think ANYONE will say no!!!!
This really is a fun way.
 Keep a smile on your face and look in the persons eyes!!!