My Top 10 Tips For DIY Painting!
By Kim DuBois
Published on 01/3/2010
Not my usual blog, I know. But if I try, I think I can make this fit under the ‘uplift and inspire’ part of my mission. = )


The top 10 tips I’ve learned about DIY painting!!


Not my usual blog, I know.  But if I try, I think I can make this fit under the ‘uplift and inspire’ part of my mission.  = )


I just finished a 3 day painting project.  As a Christmas gift to the doctor I work for, I’d offered to paint our exam rooms.  I know, I know, what was I thinking?! Surely a Hickory Farms gift basket would have worked just as well.  It certainly would have been easier on my hands, even if I’d woven the basket myself! 


Ah, but it’s done now, and it looks great.  This was not my first painting project, so I was quite aware of what I was volunteering for, but like every adventure in life, I learned even more really cool things I never thought I’d need to  know about painting.  And as luck would have it, I’m going to share them now with you!


1.      Is there such thing as over-prepping? I am really type A, so it is possible I used too much tape – I had a terrible time getting it back down without tearing, leaving tiny little fragments to be painstakingly scraped off with a razor blade.  That being said, do your prep work! Take as much off the walls as you can.  No matter how much a hassle you think this might be, it will save you a lot of work and irritation later!  Cover or tape off the rest.


2.      Whatever amount of time you’ve set aside for this project, double it.  Period. (And no, you’re not going to get the laundry done too.)


3.      You will always do a better job at the beginning of the project than at the end.  You’re fresher, more excited, your wrists don’t hurt yet and your equipment is usually still working properly, so get the meticulous, tedious stuff out of the way first.  That little stuff also tends to take the longest, so again, best to get it done, then the rest of the job goes pretty quickly.


4.      Start painting at the top then work your way down.  That way when you lose your balance on the ladder, you won’t stick your hand (or your butt) in wet paint.


5.      Resist the temptation to touch the chair, your face, the carpet, or anything else because odds are very, very high that you DO have wet paint on your hand.  (Along with your feet, your butt and possibly your elbow too.)


6.      If you’re working around tile, cabinets or other non porous surfaces, little paint droplets will scrape off easily with a razor blade once they’ve dried, so don’t stress about them.  (This does apply to hardwood floors as well, but please don’t tell Dr. Layton!)


7.      Tip #6 does NOT apply to carpet, grout, fabric or sound absorning ceiling tiles, so refer to tip #1 and do your prep work!


8.      Make sure your iPod is fully charged.  Then remember to bring it with you.


9.      Don’t ask your children to help unless they are really, really, really neat kids.


10.  Have fun!



Even though I knew what I’d gotten myself into, it still took longer than I thought (hence tip number 2). But I’m glad I did it.  Yes, it would have been much easier to have just bought something, but what better way to express caring and gratitude then to do something by hand.  My boss is a great one to work for, and now every time he walks into a room to see a patient, he’ll know how much I appreciate him.  And that was my intention, so even though it was A LOT of work, to me it was worth it and doing it made me feel good.


May you find your own joy and purpose in your next painting project! Remember, creativity is good for the soul, so get out there and create!!



As always, it is my goal to uplift and inspire.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of this with you.  - Kim