Senior Help 4 dating
By happy senior
Published on 12/29/2009
Bump into someone!!

#2 ==Today, I will suggest a fun way to meet someone.
  Go to the grocery store, walk around with your cart, looking at people, when you see a person you would like to meet, go to that area, leave your cart pretend you are looking for something and bump into that person, turn around, say"Oh, I am sorry" or "Oh, excuse me." 
Than start a conversation. 
 If you fell safer pusher a cart, lightly bump into their cart.
 Say "Oh, excuse me, I really am better at driving my car";and laugh!!!
  By than you will see what they are looking at and ask a question about the item. Example "How do you prepare your eggplant'?
Keep that smile on your face, be relaxed, have fun!!! 
 #3 will come tomorrow.