A Little Bir More
By Ally Gottesman
Published on 12/21/2009
The more on me and how you can help to!

Well, here we are again, about to talk about charity work! But a qq 4 you, can you comment and tell people? Thanks! NOTE: I will be starting a daily question(the question on the page is not it).
The question of the day is: Have you ever done a charity and said "hey, its no big deal!"? Well think again and tell me how you felt then, and how you feel now!
  Ok now, to the main part! So have you read my other blog yet? If not, read it first, its The C.C.C. Got it? Good! Now the people who gave me the proclomations were: Ledsislater Lue Da'Maro, and well I for got his name...:-) Uh but dont worry, Ill remember sooner or later! Anyway, living as a kid, im part of doing charity! I LOVE  it! It's something we should all do! So when there's an oppertunity, GO FOR IT! There is nothing to loose! And I didn't join for the popularity by a stranger, I joined for tips and helping a stanger do charity. Cancer is a desise that people have won and lost, and if you have it, you have a very good chance of winning or surviving other then losing. every day, people are diognosed with one thing or another, but some are not contagus, flu or colds can be contagious at times, but we get vacconated. Really, there is nothing to be afraid of, if a child has lukimia, there is St.Jude's hospital, if an adult gets caner there is Don Monty Cancer Reaserch Foundation. These are just a few places that may help you with the things you need, plus, I have helped these places (mostly Don Monty) majorly in certain events. I love having a dedication to charty! Its the little things in life that are the greatest! Beleve me, I should know!