The C. C. C. (Candy Cures Cancer)
By Ally Gottesman
Published on 12/13/2009
How I went from ordanary to EXTRAordanary

  Hello, my name Ally Gottesman! I am 10 (yes permission from parents :-]) Being young kid dosent mean "hey, give me your lunch money" or "I want this/that." It means the youngest people can be the ones who change the world! Like me! I do charities all the time! Such as Math-a-Thon, fundraisers, helping other people, ect... But its not what you may think. I do BIGGER charites. The C.C.C. I live on Long Island and Alot of people know me becaus of Candy Cures Cancer! Hey I got two proclomations, and got in five news papers and I'm happy about it! But I'm not bragging here. What I am simply trying to say is that any one, no matter how old they are can make a HUGE difference!
  The story: In 2006, my Aunt Haline was diegnosed with colon cancer a few days before Halloween. She had an amizing sense of humor!Then a LONG year later, she died a few day after family was in distress and so was my cousin. At the funiral, he was crying terribly, I can still remember... So many people were there (ok even... Madough ((?))) my best friend too ... My aunt met a man on the plane (now my uncle) who was shortly on a blind date with my aunt (mom's side). They always remembered her for that! 
  When and how much: I started in 2007 in third grade! I do my charity on Halloween! The first year i raised $2,000. The second, another $2,000, equiling $4,000. Then this year, i raised a whoping $3,000... and 54 cents... Not Kidding... So that comes out to $7,000.54!
  Now that I have told you my story, its time for you to make a difference in your neibghourhood! Even if its picking up litter, putting a dollar in a share the weath jar, or taking time out of the day to visit a nusing home, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! Find a way, tell your friends, tell me!
Thanks for reading. Next report soon!