"Decembers Community Project"
By Kindness Matters
Published on 12/7/2009
What a thrill, to do good for someone when they don't expect it!!!

I have to report in on my first experience this week on giving away money.  I went to the diner Friday night and after leaving the tip, I handed the waitress $10.00 in addition to her 8.00 tip. 

Oh my. . . the expression on her face was of pure gratitude, I got the open mouth and wide eyes which made me feel so good.  I could tell by her expression how grateful she was.   I don't know her story, but I can bet it came in handy during this time of year. 

I love this months community project.  I have had a picture all weekend of the waitress's wide eyes.  Everytime I picture it I smile.  Thinking of what I will do next week hmmm. . .