Searching for peace?
By Naomi contentment
Published on 11/30/2009
In our daily lives we search for something, and either we've found it by the end of the day or we continue searching, almost certainly never filled.

     Every day I meet people, many are not happy with their lives and I can't help but feel sadness for them. I'm not pitying them in any way believe me; however, why is it that no matter where you go somehow that peace we all look for we almost never attain?
     I can't help but ponder such a question in my quest to help those around me feel closer to what their trying to attain everday. For some it's beauty, others it's just peace of mind and knowing that there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, those things we all try to attain in hopes that it will fix, change, or make us happy are never really going to do just that.
     This is why I believe in order for one to feel that contentment that they wish to have they must let go of all of societies little remarks about people, embrace themselves as a unique person, and instead of getting angry and depressed at such trivial things be happy with the things in your life that you are grateful for. Because I don't want anyone to continue going through life barely enjoying it due to all of the trivial things everyone wants, but not everyone can have. It's better to just let all of that go and do something that really is attainable and not harmful. In my opinion, this would be the first step to finding true peace and contentment.