Memorial Day
By Nancy Armstrong
Published on 05/26/2009
I just love this site, it has inspired me to do good for others.

Memorial Day Patriotic Pins for the Elderly
Hi, Happy Memorial Day.  I just love this site, it has inspired me to do good for others. I purchased red white and blue ribbon and flag pins about a year ago, in hopes to make patriotic pins to bring to my local assisted living facility for the elderly. I worked in an assisted living in another state for years, and I made the residents there patriotic pins for the 4th of July, and they just loved them. I remember how proud they were when I pinned them to their lapels. . . they wore them everyday for months after the holiday.

The elderly are so patriotic, not that young people aren't but I always admired how proud they sing, The Star Spangled Banner, or America the Beautiful, they know the song word for word, sing at the top of their lungs, out of tune and all. . . men holding their hats to their chest, and they just stand so proud!  I just knew how proud they must have been today doning their pins. 

It was very easy to make, just red white and blue ribbon, with a tiny flag attached, last time I used the flags with toothpicks attached that you put in cupcakes, I just cut the toothpick off, and glued the flag to the ribbon, and put a pin on the back. This time I found flags with actual pins on the back, but the toothpick flags actually worked better, and they can be found at your local party store or Wal-mart  I hope to post a picture of them.  I also hope that this site will allow us to have a projects section, where we can post pictures and instructions on how to make things.
I thought of how many senior facilities there are in this world, and how many of us can make these simple pins to make so many happy.  They can be made for July 4th, Veterans Day. Could be a great project for Girl Scouts, CCD groups, high school community service project, . . .or a family thing to teach your children how to give back.  It's just endless isn't it Ü . . . did I mention I love this site! Nancy